How Many VE Monk Plus Colors/Editions Have Been Released?

In the spirit of Pride Month, let's stray from our normal analytical articles and sciense-backed findings, and tackle fun topics, instead. Say one of Venture Electronics' pride - their different, colorful editions of Monk Pluses.

I've already posted 2 articles about VE Monk Plus editions/colors in the past. First, when analyzing the significance of their shell colors and sound signature. Second, when making a rainbow chart for Monk+ colors. This time, well, since I've already made the rainbow chart, let's beat this dead gay horse some more and track the number of colors Venture Electronics has released for their Monk Plus line.

Different Venture Electronics Monk/Monk Plus editions/colors as of July 2017, in random order:

venture electronics' monk plus colors or editions

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1. Original (Beta?) Monk - first edition of Monk?, was available only to selected owners, no longer sold, was it even sold?
2. Original Monk - the monk that started it all, no longer sold
3. Standard Gray Transparent/Smoke Monk Plus - available anywhere
4. Darth Piano Black Monk Plus - available anywhere
5. Royal Purple Monk Plus - available anywhere
6. Coffee Gold Monk Plus - available anywhere
7. Monk Plus Massdrop Exclusive Red Edition - can only be bought during Massdrop drops
8. Monk Plus Massdrop Exclusive Translucent Blue Edition - can only be bought during Massdrop drops
9. Monk Plus PH (HEEP) Edition - only available in the Philippines
10. Monk Plus Espresso Edition - available anywhere
11. Monk Plus Candy Edition - very elusive Monk Plus, can only be won during Facebook and veclan.com contests, no longer sold, rare gem, loved and sought by die hard Monk Plus fans
12. Monk Plus Blood Orange (Makka Limited Edition) - quite elusive and expensive Monk Plus, not as famous as the "Candy Monk" but is considered to be of the highest quality
13. Monk Plus SPC Edition - limited edition with silver plated copper cable (?)
14. Full Clear Monk Plus - available anywhere

I'm excited for more colors to come. I'm definitely looking forward to a gradient of colors in each earbud shell. Nothing like a mix of sound signatures brought by multi-color paint to confuse everyone's ears.

Update (July 2020): I'm no longer excited about new colors and won't update this list anymore, bye.

Image credit: veclan.com, eng.52ve.cn, facebook.com/groups/52vecn, taodepot.com