How Many VE Monk Plus Colors/Editions Have Been Released?

In the spirit of Pride Month, let's stray from our normal analytical articles and sciense-backed findings, and tackle fun topics, instead. Say one of Venture Electronics' pride - their different, colorful editions of Monk Pluses.

I've already posted 2 articles about VE Monk Plus editions/colors in the past. First, when analyzing the significance of their shell colors and sound signature. Second, when making a rainbow chart for Monk+ colors. This time, well, since I've already made the rainbow chart, let's beat this dead gay horse some more and track the number of colors Venture Electronics has released for their Monk Plus line.


Difference Between Earphones, Earbuds and IEMs (In-Ear Monitors)

How frustrating is it to search for one thing yet another thing shows up - not the thing you're looking for, quite similar, but not the same? Or be fed with questionable information in the form of satire? That's why this article is necessary to appeal to audio gear vendors to please get things right.

Audiophiles know better than to interchange terms when describing stuff. A pure audiophile would forget your existence if you dare describe an IEM an earbud! I mean, I would, and I'm not even a purified audiophile! As a non-purified audiophile with vast knowledge of souwnd sciense, I will try my best to differentiate and encourage everyone, vendors and consumers alike, to use the correct product terms when talking, recommending, buying and selling headphones/earphones. A good way to illustrate my point is by using sanitary products as a comparison; open your mind and use your imagination:


Rare Questions About Interconnect Cables and Rubber Bands - Answered!

The audiophile world is a big world full of wonder, snake oils and jacked up prices. There are several unbacked claims and backwards science going on for us to truly trust one's opinion. Here in qarnej, I aim to enlighten my fellow audiophiles to achieve total enlightenment. I will answer rare, unanswered questions about audio accessories you never thought you never knew.

audio cable adapters


Which Is Better, Digital or Analog Audio?

First, let me ask you; which is better, a computer or a typewriter? If you picked typewriter, you are enlightened, my friend. A typewriter in this day and age is radically far out compared to most of the products of today's modernization. In fact, geeks are trying their best to replicate that nostalgic, mechanical feel of a humble typewriter via mechanical keyboards. They're also determined to build their all-in-one fanless, electronic god - forgetting a typewriter can do their very basic job - typing and nothing else. That's the beauty of bare-bonical; it's raw and gritty - just like the sound of a chainsaw sawing bricked electronics!

if sound quality = image quality (analog vs digital)


Earbuds with Sub-Bass!

Earbuds with sub-bass? You got that right; earbuds - not IEMs. A common mistake by earphone/headphone reviewers is calling IEMs earbuds, thus, confusing novice and seasoned audiophiles alike when they search for one thing but see the other, instead. When will people learn that IEMs are the ear beads in the audio world, not earbuds? Earbuds cannot be inserted deep into your ear canal, unless you plan on prolapsing your ears which is a big no-no in any world.

earbuds with sub-bass


List of Triangular DAPs, DACs, Amps and Speakers!

Isn't it any wonder why DAPs, DACs, Amps, DAC/Amp combos, speakers or majority of audio products are block/square/rectangle-shaped? What's up with manufacturers' obsession with blocks? How come the more expensive the audio gear, the more blocky it looks? Is there a block god? All these questions don't matter because our main focus today is triangle-shaped audio products.

triangular daps, dacs, amps and speakers


Why Are STAX Headphones Ugly as Sin?

First of all, calling someone or something ugly isn't nice. Just because STAX headphones look like mini air conditioners doesn't mean they're cool. They are fire; hot items only pure audiophiles can love. What are pure audiophiles, you say? A pure audiophile to a regular audiophile is what purified water is to spring water. Different but similar. Still audiophiles; still water.

this stax headphone isn't ugly lol