Best Earphones for Gamers (Extremely Rare!)

Yes, I went there.

mountain dew earphones

Price: Freebie from a store promotion

They're called Mountain Dew earbuds. But I refuse to be technically wrong, so we'll call them for what they really are True Gamer buds (thanks audiojerk), err, Mountain Dew earphones.

This is my comeback post after being gone for 4 years. I must admit I've lost a couple brain cells these past few years. I heard sound waves pop brain cells like bubble wraps. Listening to music really has its own downsides. Lately, I found myself in the depths of musical utopia where young folks dance to good music. It's an underground website called tiktaks or something like that.

But I digress, audio gears for gaming really are expensive. Praise Mountain Dew for looking out to poor gamers and giving quality earphones for FREE. Unlike those shameless companies who make expensive racing chairs for gamers who don't even race! Shame!

How do these Mountain Dew earphones sound?

Who cares. I mean who knows since they're extremely rare.

Image credit: reddit.com

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