Rare Questions About Interconnect Cables and Rubber Bands - Answered!

The audiophile world is a big world full of wonder, snake oils and jacked up prices. There are several unbacked claims and backwards science going on for us to truly trust one's opinion. Here in qarnej, I aim to enlighten my fellow audiophiles to achieve total enlightenment. I will answer rare, unanswered questions about audio accessories you never thought you never knew.

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Rare, unanswered questions about interconnect cables (IC) / aux cords / 3.5mm to 3.5mm cables - ANSWERED:

1. Should I burn in my interconnect cable?
Yes. The molecules inside the wires are similar to coals - they need to be burned to be useful and functional.

2. What type of interconnect cable should I buy?
Only buy gluten-free organic cables straight from your local farmer's vintage chest. Other types of cables will color the sound in a chipmunky way.

3. How long should the cable be?
200cm. Anything shorter or longer will cut or add seconds to your tracks. 4:15 will become 4:10 or 4:20 depending on the wrong cable length.

4. Rounded or flat cables?
Rounded. Flat cables will flatten the wires causing it to make screechy noises.

5. Does cable price matter?
Yes. The more expensive, the more whole grain and multigrain the sound.

Rare, unanswered questions about rubber bands (those things that hold your DAP, Amp, DAC together) - ANSWERED:

1. What kind of rubber bands should I buy?
This is top secret information: the best rubber bands are those made from chewed and 83.8% dried up bubble gums.

2. Can rubber band color affect sound?
Contrary to popular belief, rubber bands don't affect sound.

3. Does the number of rubber bands used affect the sound?
No. Though, it's not advised to use up to 10 rubber bands in one stocking as they will squish the sound waves coming from your player.

I hope I helped. If you have more questions, just ask in the comments.

Image credit: twitter.com/JoyrexJ9

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