All Sansa Clip+ Colors

Once upon a time, Sansa Clip+ was the indirect competitor of the iPod shuffle. It was cheap, small, had a clip and buttons just like a shuffle. It also had a little screen, an SD card slot and you can Rockbox it. It was the best thing for those in the know. (⌐■_■)

But nothing lasts forever, it was discontinued. The price skyrocketed and nothing was the same.

sansa clip  colors

Anywho, imagine my surprise when I found out SanDisk actually released 7 colors for their Sansa Clip+ line. I only knew of Black, White and Blue, who knew there were more disgusting colors available. There was Burgundy, Lime Green, Teal and Indigo. Personally, would love some Orange, Hot Pink and Pikachu Yellow - but such is nothing more than a pipe dream. (●'◡'●)

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