List of Clear Red and Blue Earbuds

As I was minding my own business, listening to music from my nifty Bluetooth speaker, I caught a glimpse of my VE Monk+ PH earbuds and thought, "That's nice."

While using the Monk+ PH in the dark, I never had troubles differentiating right from left, because there's a little light shining through those earbud shells that makes it easy to differentiate red from blue, unless I'm blind, but I'm not. Using different color foams helps in differentiating, too. But it usually involves some squinting because they all look black in the dark.

It was during that moment of clarity that I found myself asking, "Why aren't there more red & blue earbuds to lessen the internal conflict of which side goes to where?" Aside from looking gaudy, red and blue colorways would become stale so fast. Especially when it's not even our fave color! Thankfully, some Chinese audio companies (and Indonesian modders?) managed to make the combination of red and blue earbuds pleasant to look at. Granted, they used the same clear MX500 shells so THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE. But it's quite common in the audio world to have similar-looking products, can't blame them though, there's only so much shape you can fit in your ear.

Before anything else, what's the significance of red and blue in audio?

Well, it's a universal rule in the audio world that red is right, blue is left. Red goes to your right ear whilst blue to your left. Digging deeper into this topic is another story.

Clear Red and Blue Earbuds That Are Probably Just Vidos Except for the VE Monk+ PH/Future and FAAEAL Iris Ancestor:

1. VE Monk+ PH - started this clear red and blue colorway as far as I know.

monk+ ph earbud

2. VE Monk+ Future - let's be real, this is just the Monk+ PH with different foam colors and is available worldwide.

monk  future earbud

3. FAAEAL Iris Ancestor - is that aqua blue or just the lighting?

faaeal iris ancestor earbud

4. NiceHCK Traceless - nice warm and cold colors 'cause you can only say red and blue so much, probably has the Vido sound sig.

nicehck traceless earbud

5. KGIS earbud - doesn't even have a name, "Just put brand done."

kgis earbud

6. Moticc earbud - same with KGIS earbud.

moticc earbud

7. Moticc Candy with Ashura Cable - yay it has a name and new cable.

moticc candy with ashura cable earbud

8. Vido Candy - I know this is you, Moticc earbud.

vido candy earbud

There's no competition lookswise 'cause their beauty probably came from the same factory.

Image credit: shopee.ph, shopee.co.id, lazada.com.ph

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