Which Is Better, Digital or Analog Audio?

First, let me ask you; which is better, a computer or a typewriter? If you picked typewriter, you are enlightened, my friend. A typewriter in this day and age is radically far out compared to most of the products of today's modernization. In fact, geeks are trying their best to replicate that nostalgic, mechanical feel of a humble typewriter via mechanical keyboards. They're also determined to build their all-in-one fanless, electronic god - forgetting a typewriter can do their very basic job - typing and nothing else. That's the beauty of bare-bonical; it's raw and gritty - just like the sound of a chainsaw sawing bricked electronics!

if sound quality = image quality (analog vs digital)

When it comes to audio, analog is clearly better. Our ears can easily pick up the impossible difference between analog and digital sound. Analog sound waves can be heard vividly by our ear cells, and measured without the need for audio measurements.

Furthermore, the best source of analog recording is a cassette tape. To get the best sound out of a cassette tape, a cassette tape player isn't needed. All we need to do is plug our headphone/earphone directly into those o rings. This illustration will illustrate it better:

qarnej mixtape

Why buy vinyl records (EXPENSIVE), CDs (who still buys them?), TIDALs (who even uses them?), etc, for our music needs, when cassette tapes are cheaper and sound analogically better!?

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