Earbuds with Sub-Bass!

Earbuds with sub-bass? You got that right; earbuds - not IEMs. A common mistake by earphone/headphone reviewers is calling IEMs earbuds, thus, confusing novice and seasoned audiophiles alike when they search for one thing but see the other, instead. When will people learn that IEMs are the ear beads in the audio world, not earbuds? Earbuds cannot be inserted deep into your ear canal, unless you plan on prolapsing your ears which is a big no-no in any world.

earbuds with sub-bass

$400+ headphones are the only headphones I know that can transcend frequencies - despite their housing/shell color which is what digs that sweet sub-bass! I've conducted a research before, citing that the lower the frequency in the Lound Specture, the lower the bass. The color with the lowest frequency is red. Therefore, red earbuds = earbuds with sub-bass.

According to my intense research session, these are the earbuds with sub-bass, so far, in no particular order:

1. TY Hi-Z HP650 - nice cable.

ty hi-z hp650

2. Colarad C01 - recommended for bass boosted Disney theme remixes.

colarad c01

3. Monk+ Massdrop Exclusive Red Edition - only available in Massdrop once in a red moon.

monk  massdrop exclusive red edition

4. Qian25 (Red) - hot.

qian25 (red)

5. Musa SP2 - Mufasa?

musa sp2

6. Audio-Technica ATH-C999 - Iron Man loves some fat bass.

audio-technica ath-c999

7. MusicMaker MrZ Ting (Red) - More like MrZing.

musicmaker mrz ting (red)

8. UCOTECH ES1003 'Diva Sound' (Red) - bass diva.

ucotech es1003 diva sound (red)

9. UCOTECH/UBIQUO ES703 (Red) - bass dive.

ucotech ubiquo es703 (red)

10. UCOTECH/UBIQUO ES503 (Red) - bass divo.

ucotech ubiquo es503 (red)

11-12. Audio-Technica SonicFuel ATH-CHX5 and ATH-CHX7 (Red) - What the hell are these alien shit.

audio-technica sonicfuel ath-chx5 and ath-chx7 (red)

Drop me a line if I missed some.

Closing words

Gone are the days when earbuds are considered old-fashioned. Millennials and ancients can now rock their earbuds whilst listening to bass boosted Disney and Pixar theme remixes. Earbud lovers, bassheads and Disney fans rejoice!

Image credit: aliexpress.com, taobao.com, massdrop.com, ucotech.co.kr, 2g5.cn, audio-technica.com

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