Why Do Most CIEM Companies Have "Ear" in Their Names?

Earth is abundant with man-made companies to fulfill various earthling needs. My personal favorite company is the one that makes flavored water; it's not water not yet juice, all it needs is time, a moment that's it, when it's in between - brilliant. My second favorite company is CIEM (Custom In-Ear Monitors) manufacturers - all of them. Nothing on Earth I love more than my very own personalized, customized ear bling blings. Sweat dripping on my $3000 CIEM that took 5 months to make, dying on me all of a sudden despite babying it more than my bae, is one of the definitions of my existence. CIEMs don't die; they reborn - like a premium phoenix.

ciem ear companies

Now, on to your question...

Why do most CIEM companies have "ear" in their names?

  • Cosmic Ears
  • EarSonics
  • Earsound
  • Empire Ears
  • FitEar
  • InEarz Audio
  • Lime Ears
  • Spiral Ear
  • Ultimate Ears

Human beings are a forgetful bunch. Sometimes, we forget that Clearly Canadian makes beverages - not maple syrup. Owater makes sports drinks - not plain water. Sometimes, we need to be reminded; it's easy to get lost in commercialism.

CIEM companies need to remind us that CIEMs go into our ears - not just any hole. That's all.

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