Rainbow Monks from VE?

Are rainbow Monks the wood that'll keep VE's fire burning? VE Monk+ is a $5 trap that will slowly but surely drain your wallet. Now that they're going to a $5 Limited Edition colors route, are they courageous enough to taste the rainbow? Hopefully, not as courageous as Apple's AirPods.

Currently, Venture Electronics has released 4 Limited Edition Monk+ colors: Darth Piano Black, Red, Blue and Royal Purple. Royal Purple will serve as indigo. Darth Black isn't found in the rainbow, unless that rainbow went to the dark side.

rainbow monks from ve (venture electronics)

According to our chart, we need 4 more colors: Orange, Yellow, Green and Violet. Will VE follow through? Hopefully. Rainbow Monks could serve as a company pride for their humble company.

Personally, I'm looking forward to VE's version of Apple colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Space Gray, Black, Jet Black, Snow White, Human Flesh, Mold Green, Cheese Yellow, etc. Only time will tell if Venture Electronics has the courage to be that courageous.

Update: VE has released 3 new editions of Monk+ such as Blood Orange (Makka Limited Edition), Coffee Gold and Espresso. While more expensive because of the upgraded cable and more options, Blood Orange will count as orange and Coffee Gold and Espresso as yellow in our rainbow chart. Now, we just need green and violet (peasant violet?) Monks to complete the rainbow.

Update (July 2020): After all these years, VE still hasn't released green and violet Monks. Hopefully, we get a tie-dye Monk as a form of consolation.

Image credit: Veclan, Massdrop, Public Domain Pictures, Iconfinder

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