How Good Is Chrod Mojo?

Chord Mojo is must-have DAC/Amp among audiophiles; it's small, lightweight and massively powerful. It has a good reputation in the audiophile community, despite being defeated countless of times by its 3 notorious enemies.

Because of its success, a new mysterious contender appeared to snatch its established reputation. Chrod Mojo, what art thou?

chrod mojo

What is a Chrod Mojo?
It's a mysterious portable DAC/Amp that appeared out of nowhere.

Is Chrod Mojo the same as Chord Mojo?
Hmm, maybe.

How does Chrod Mojo sound compared to Chord Mojo?
It's on sale. When things are on sale, they are considerably better than the one not on sale.

Does Chrod Mojo have more bass?
Yes, if you use it while fishing. Water ripples add more sound waves to your DAC/Amp.

Does Chrod Mojo have more treble?
It does indeed strike me as a treblemaker.

I'm still not convinced. Can I buy it along with an established brand of headphone/DAP to be sure?
Sure thang. Sonic Electronix has Chrod Mojo on sale along with Westone W80 for $1,599.95 including shipping - available within 33 hours.

Are you affiliated with Sonic Electronix?
Not at all. I'm not familiar with the store til they started selling this enigmatic Chrod Mojo.

Closing words

If you manage to get your hands on Chrod Mojo, good for you. You're now part of history, as there's only 3 left available. Again, I'm not affiliated with any of these companies even if I want ($$$) to.

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