The Real Truth About Beats by Dre

Beats Electronics has an onslaught of critically acclaimed headphones, earphones and speakers that are must-haves for everyone's uninformed relatives, with a secret mission to convert them into audiophiles. Beats is part of every audiophile's arsenal to beat the invisible wall dividing the audiophile world. What would we do without Beats? Save more money for other important things, maybe. But some good things come with a price, sometimes, they're not what we think they are; what matters is when the going gets tough, time is gold, therefore, Beats deserves the golden price.

you mean wired

I have been wondering about something for a long time; it has taken up parts of my brain that are reserved for putting into words how I love Beats products. The last time I wondered about something like this was before Jesus died. This thought has bothered me for so long - urging me to do a thorough research about Dr. Dre and Apple. What I learned will shock you...

What does Beats mean? Why, of all names, Beats? My friend, I've been enlightened.

Beats is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Beats is the recipient of beating from unsatisfied customers.
Beats is customers beating themselves up for buying this unsatisfying product.
Beats is genius.
Dr. Dre is a genius.
Doubting Beats is like doubting Dr. Dre's PhD.

beats by dre reviews

Unsatisfied customers is part of the trade as much as celebrities endorsing shiny things they don't personally use. What I find odd in this string of reviews is... why "right"? What's wrong with right?… Right = red. Red = Dark Side. Ah, the Force is strong with Beats.

beats army doesn't sleep

Image credit: Beats by Dre

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